Panoramica piste Ponte di Legno Temù
Panoramica piste Ponte di Legno Temù

The Consulting Office of Dr. Daniele Costantini has acquired over the years a particular specialization in planning, management and redevelopment of winter resorts. In this context, it has always tried to combine environmental protection with economic development.
The services that the study provides for the winter tourism are the results of the experience and the twenty five years of business through studies and projects that they have affected the most famous winter resorts of the Dolomites as Cortina d'Ampezzo, Falcade, Alleghe, Arabba, Sappada , Val Zoldana, Speikboden.
I also worked in Lombardia - Ponte di Legno, Foppolo, Presolana - and in Abruzzo - Campo Felice as well as the area of ​​the Terminillo in Lazio. Abroad he did different projects for the ski resorts of ​​Falakro and Kalavrita in Greece and for the area of ​​Busteni (Zamora) in Romania. Beside projects relating to individual intervention, as ski slopes and lifts, in years they drafted numerous feasibility studies on the construction of new ski resorts, their extension or complete redevelopment of existing ones, by analyzing all environmental factors and socioeconomic parameters. In this regard, should be emphasized:
The feasibility study for the complete redevelopment of the ski resort of Campo Felice, where the necessity to mitigate the existing impacts imposed to redefine the existing tracks of  ski slopes and lifts;
The project for the developement of the Skiable Area of Temù-Ponte di Legno-Tonale, where instead to reduce the impacts they applied naturalistic engineering techniques.
The study by Dr. Costantini also performed the planning and works supervision of the Olympic Alpine Ski Slopes Downhill Man and Woman and Giant slalom for the Turin Winter Olympics 2006.
The study in order to give a finished product - from the concept to the realization - operating since 1986 in close collaboration with the company Wieser that can guarantee thirty years experience in the construction of ski slopes and in the construction of the lifts relating to.
During these thirty years he worked with the best companies. Leitner e Doppelmayr regarding the lift and TechnoAlpin, Sufag, York ( now acquired by TechnoAlpin) regarding the snowmaking.
Dr. Costantini from 1993 to 2013 was a member of the National Council of DSI, Association between Experts for the management and the direction of winter resorts.
Every years the association promotes courses and professional training for all operators of ski resorts and it wants to be a constant point of reference for professional improvement of the managers of winter resorts.

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